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“I was thrilled when I saw the story of my life in my published book, “Fat Cats, Really?” Ken Overman and I spent many enjoyable hours going over my life and experiences at Meryl Lynch, and I thought he captured the essence of my career exactly as it was. His skill in interviewing and writing definitely made the whole process go very well. I encourage anyone wanting their life story or work placed in a book to contact Ken. He is excellent.”

     Sam Peluso – 2019

Mr. Overman;

It was an absolute pleasure to work with you on our book. You knew all the right questions to ask us in order to prompt our memories and provide you with the information you needed. We are pleased and delighted to have this wonderful history of my life and our company. You were thorough, thoughtful, patient, genuine and kind. I would highly recommend you to anyone thinking of having their own life story written. Paula and I feel as if you are now our friend.  By all means, if anyone wants to talk with us further about it, you have my permission to have them call me.

H. L. (Buddy) Eidel

Like any World War II veteran, I have a lot of memories. So when it came time  for me to take all those stories and put them into a document for my children and grandchildren, I knew I needed help writing them down. As serendipity would have it, right after I received the Legion of Honour medal from the French government for my wartime service, Ken Overman called me up. After we talked, I decided to have him write my autobiography. It was a good decision, and now One Man’s Journey is a reality. Working with Ken was a very enjoyable experience. His ease of communication, intelligent questions, and top-notch writing skills produced a wonderful book. Thanks to  him I have spoken to groups interested in my life, and many more people want to read my story. I highly recommend Ken Overman to anyone thinking about writing their legacy.

                                                                                             Howard (Mike) Spencer

“Ken; I have just finished reading the first edition of my memoirs, “Bucking the Trend,” and I have to say it was a great read! You have arranged it in such a way as to follow the sequence of events in my career perfectly.  I really enjoyed working with you, and especially during the recording sessions. You have a unique ability to ask the right questions that helps prod the old memory. You also wrote a very nice introduction for the book. Finally, I must say the whole experience of working with you on this book has been an exciting and pleasing venture into my past. Thank you very much.”

Buck Autrey – Chairman Emeritus, Miller Electric Company

“Six months ago, Ken contacted me about writing my biography. At the time, I had envisioned a rather simple presentation of my life as a lesson for my grandkids, but the Lord had other plans. At the strong recommendation of a close friend, I chose Ken Overman as the author who would help me publish my book—not just for my immediate family, but also for existing and potential members of The C12 Group … and beyond. Ken brought insight, imagination, writing, storytelling, and organization skills to match my own creative visions for the book. I couldn’t be more pleased. He was able to take what I had already written, add more of my memories and thoughts, and bring them to life.  I would strongly recommend Ken for anyone considering writing his or her own biography. His “soup-to-nuts” writing and publishing services far exceeded my expectations.”

Buck Jacobs, Founder and President, The C12 Group, LLC

Dawn Passage is more than the story of a riveting voyage across two oceans with a family of three plus three young men who face harrowing health challenges, fearsome and unpredictable weather, and a near miss deadly collision, it is a travelogue with details descriptions of the smells, foods, customs, clothing, and cultures of multiple countries both friend and foe of the U.S. — all inspired by a strong belief in the mission of the ship, the Morning Star, and a certainty that God will protect. Written from the Skipper’s point of view, one wonders if this real-life experience inspired that capable seaman, Kenneth Overman, to go on to become the author of several excellent thrillers.

Judith K. White, Author
The Seventh Etching and The New Worlds of Isabela Calderon

“I have known Ken Overman for 35 years, and never tire of his stories. Picking Olives and Breaking Bread is his best book. It captures thesame spirit of adventure as Steinbeck’s, Travels With Charley.”

H. Skip Weitzen
Author, Infopreneurs, Hypergrowth, and Telephone Magic

“Whether a summer’s day at the beach or a winter’s eve with snow curling about the corners of the house, Picking Olives and Breaking Bread will spirit you away to foreign lands and adventures you’ll wish you could share.  And you can as you follow this unique man, Ken Overman, his family and his life.   not only about his travels through much of the world and various occupations – from charter boat skipper to ski tour operator and oil rig roustabout–but his search for, eventual discovery of, and trust in God.  In short, a book meant to share a man’s life, his losses and his successes, moments you won’t soon forget.”

William Kerr
Author of the New York Times Best Seller Path of the Golden Dragon

“Autobiography is certainly one of the most difficult of the writing genres to compose.  Ken has mastered a lively style with exciting and interesting experiences to create Picking Olives and Breaking Bread, the worldwide adventures of a young married couple to find life, and faith.”

Harry W. Gibson, PhD
Saint Martin’s University

“Historical fiction is my usual recreational book of choice, but I enjoyed Dawn Passage from cover to cover! It is an adverturesome, fast-paced, true account of six people on an ocean voyage which challenges them on many levels. The reader will utilize all the senses–such are the descriptive lines in Dawn Passage.”

Josephine B. — Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

“Dawn Passage was an engrossing book and so very well done. The conversation style made it very easy to read. Sometimes you made me want to talk back to you. I have never been seasick but you almost made me envious. (Once, on a pilot launch at the mouth of the St. John’s I came close.) Your brief synopsis of the subsequent travels of the Morning Star led me to hope for a sequel.”

John T. – Jacksonville Beach, FL

“Where Wild Olives Grow, by Ken Overman, was an utterly delightful escape for me. I have not had the benefit of traveling too much in my life, and Mr. Overman’s excellent writing skills took me on journeys to many places I have only dreamed of visiting.  Through his superbly descriptive style, I felt that I     was a companion on his incredible travels. Overman is a fearless adventurer who seizes upon every event, in any environment, with unimaginable energy and unstoppable curiosity. His writing places the reader right in the midst of the breathtaking scenery of Greece, Spain, Germany, Morocco, Alaska, Turkey, Portugal and much more. Through his descriptive writing skills, I was welcomed into the natural beauty, and quaint villages where he lived and found the most unlikely of work experiences.  I could almost taste the foods, and join the fellowship of a colorful cast of characters who were his friends in each locale.

This memoir of Overman’s early adult years recounts so many humorous, challenging and, sometimes, frightful events on his journey toward maturity and purpose. And……. there is romance as well, as Overman candidly includes us in his search for love, and his marriage to his wife, Barb. She is just as gutsy and open to “hidden agendas” as Overman.  The tales of their fledgling union, while they circle the world, are charming, quirky, and downright hilarious.

I highly recommend Where Wild Olives Grow to those who love the geography and culture of distant lands. You must experience it through the eyes of this man who, it seems, will try just about anything!  He takes on life with astonishing gusto, and then pours out his adventures upon the canvas of your mind like the finest of artists. I also heartily recommend Ken Overman’s first book, Dawn Passage, as well. It is just as masterful and satisfying a read as this one. I eagerly await many more books from this author’s hand in the near future.”

C. Killian, Jacksonville, FL

“An adventure brimming with humor, earthy description, and colorful, entertaining characters! You’ll laugh, sob, sigh, panic, ponder, re-examine and  rejoice throughout the pages of this Memoir.”

Jo Blevins, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

This is a good book.  I really enjoyed it.  Ken’s assignment as a young man at the NATO facility in Izmir, Turkey was the beginning of an adventure in Europe for years to come.  His experiences move along at a good pace and he writes with a technique that makes you feel like you are right there with him.  I highly recommend this book.

Arthur, San Clemente, CA

Ken’s memoir took me on a lovely journey through Europe, beginning with his time in Greece. He and his wife’s free spirited living affirm the fact that following one’s heart always involves some risk but pays off high dividends rich with immersion into various cultural experiences, friendships and work. I was sorry when I finished reading it but look forward to the next books of his.

Mary G, St. Augustine, FL

This is not only a tour book of places for the non tourist, but also of the people who live in those places. It is wildly energetic and sometimes clings to the edge of life–and then some. Thanks for the good read Ken!

James D, St. George, Utah

“I just finished your book. Wow, what a great read! I am glad to read that the Morning Star is still being used to save souls. You are a good sailor, but a better missionary. Thank God for your adventure and witness! I can not wait for your next book Where Wild Olives Grow.  Again, I very much like the book and your writing style.”

Joe – Sarasota, FL

“Just got the book Dawn Passage yesterday – you did a really good job.  Your writing style is superb.  You could have been a journalist.  I will work on a book review which I will submit to Assist News Service for them to send out to their many Christian media contacts.”

Nico – Bradenton, FL

“Received the copy of Dawn Passage a day or so ago. I absolutely loved it! Great read (could not put it down) and you captured the essence of a great adventure. I Look forward to reading more of your books. You are a great author. Keep me posted when the next one comes out. I will get the word out about Dawn Passage to family and friends.”

Dan — Joppa, MD

“I showed my Dad Where Wild Olives Grow (he isn’t much of a book reader, usually articles and shorts) and for the next 6 hours he didn’t say a word.  He read the entire book and when he finished he just shook his head and kept saying, “that Ken Overman…what a life and what a writer, he is incredible.” As you have figured out he absolutely loved the book.  I haven’t started it yet but will this weekend, and I can’t wait.  I already have at least 6 on my Christmas list that will be receiving a copy as a gift.  So I best put in my order..”

Kathleen D — Seal Beach, CA

“I just finished reading Dawn Passage.  I read it with hardly a break and thought it was a great book.  I learned a lot from it (ocean sailing, geography, your life) all interesting.  I give it an A+. (really).  KEEP ON WRITING!! … I can’t relate to Christian ideas, even though it appears it has had a positive influence on your life. I’m glad you didn’t bring up Christianity with that dentist in Algeria–good move!”

Jim D. — St. George, UT”

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading Dawn Passage.  It grips you from the start and it’s hard to put down.  It was interesting to see yours and Barbara’s transition from non-faithful to faithful (would love to see you with long hair from the hippie days). It is inspirational to read about a group of imperfect people serving a perfect God, and the blessings that come with it.”

Melissa D. – Jacksonville, FL

“I was camping with a friend this past week and started reading your book. Unfortunately I did not have enough time to finish, and she would not abscond with it! I was only able to read through Bermuda and I need to finish the rest of your travels. You should get my order today.  Your walk is very interesting…thank you for sharing! The book prompted some conversations with her about Christ, religion, evangelism, mission work, etc. Hopefully, she and I will continue our conversation as we read through your book!”

Susan R. – Fullerton, CA

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