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Intrusions - Kenneth Overman Photo 3The company’s Creative Director, Mr. Kenneth Overman, Author, MBA, has extensive business experience in both the US and abroad. In addition to conducting international business ventures, he wrote about marketing, operations, and international business development. Ken has traveled to–and experienced–106 countries, and counting. He is the author of several published books including biographies, memoirs, corporate newsletters, and advertising campaigns. Ken is also a debut writer in the international thriller genre.

An accomplished interviewer who has excellent people skills, Ken is adept at bringing out the best of his clients in a relaxed and friendly environment. You’ll feel at ease as you relate your personal or corporate history to Ken. Then he’ll transform your world into a professional biography that you can proudly share with your family, associates, clients, and the world–if you choose.

Ken excels at writing factual accounts in the style of a novelist, and your book will read as if you wrote every word. Click here for reader testimonials.

Ken is adept at bringing out the best of his clients in a relaxed and friendly environment.

His readers often remark that his strong, descriptive style, “keeps them intensely interested from chapter to chapter.” Here’s a comment about one of his recent books:

“Whether a summer’s day at the beach or a winter’s eve with snow curling about the corners of the house, Picking Olives and Breaking Bread will spirit you away to foreign lands and adventures you’ll wish you could share … In short, a book meant to share a man’s life, his losses and his successes, moments you won’t soon forget.”
-William Kerr,   Author of the New York Times Best Seller,  Path of the Golden Dragon

Among the hallmarks of a good biographer is to be curious, open-minded, non-judgmental, and able to relate to a broad spectrum of cultures and backgrounds. Raised in California in a community of adventurous people, these attributes became part of Ken’s DNA. He went on to live, work, and write in seven countries across three continents.

He received his BA at the American College of Greece, and his MBA from Regent University in Virginia. He has traveled and sailed extensively throughout the world, and thrives on learning and writing about the lives of others.

Ken is a member of the Florida Writer’s Association (FWA), the Ponte Vedra critique group, and the St. Augustine Critiquers. He also instructs “How to Write Your Memoir” at various locations.

RPLA Award Photo 4

Ken receiving a 2017 Royal Palm Literary Award

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