Judith K. White


Judith K. White, Associate


About Judith:

Judith K. White came of age in rural Ohio and earned degrees at both Oberlin College and Ohio State University. Her adult life includes living for extended periods in Central and South America, and Amsterdam. A lifelong lover of language, Judith is fluent in French and Spanish and conversant in Dutch which she regularly refreshes during visits to the Netherlands. Her careers span linguist, educator, entrepreneur and nonprofit fundraiser, including Peace Corps volunteer and trainer; Founder of Foreign Language for Young Children; Co-Founder/Co-Director of Global Child, Inc., and Director of Development of Latin American Health Institute. Her publications include Phrase-a-Day Series for Children in French, Spanish and English; a series of historical novels, Amsterdam Trilogy; and a personal memoir, Autumns of Our Joy – A Memoir of Romance, Stem Cells, and Rebirth. Judith and her husband, Allen L. White, maintain homes in the Boston area and Florida, but also travel and speak frequently in both the U.S. and abroad. As a writer of other people’s life stories, she shows the same curiosity, passion and skill demonstrated in her fiction and memoir.


Autumns of Our Joy:
A Memoir of Romance, Stem Cells, and Rebirth

A joyful marriage
A terrifying medical diagnosis
A life-saving stem-cell donation
A jubilant meeting with donor
A triumphant celebration before a crowd of 37,000



The Seventh Etching

In Golden-Age Amsterdam, a beguiling orphan who unknowingly holds the clue to a missing etching, encounters Rembrandt and later appears in his most famous work.



The New Worlds of Isabela Calderón

After surviving a shipwreck and finding her way to Amsterdam, beautiful and clever but naïve Isabela Calderón returns to her native village in Spain to fulfill the destiny her father set in motion at her birth.



The Rise of Dirck Becker

While searching for an orphan girl he met ten years ago, Dirck learns he has an unusual gift which threatens to isolate him and raise suspicion.