Company Histories

Why a Company History?

In the eyes of the world you are a successful leader. And the world may have come to know you in several ways, such as:

  • Your corporate website
  • Your professional bios
  • News and social media
  • Conferences
  • Your daily business routine

Maybe they negotiated with you in a board room, or from across the table at a business dinner. At one time you might have been their employee. Later they became your peers, and today they work for you.

Most of the relationships in your professional life have come to know the public you–your professional persona–but that is only part of who you are.

There are many people out there waiting to be inspired by what you’ve learned. Don’t let it pass them by.

You and your organization evolved into a true success story. But, like any worthwhile endeavor, at times your achievements came with a price. But through the years, you and your trusted associates learned and grew strong. By now you’ve forged a firm niche in a tough market.

Maybe that’s all behind you now and you’ve paused to look back. You might wonder, “Will my legacy last?” Isn’t it time for you to start recording all those accomplishments and memories in the form of a biography, or put another way, your corporate legacy?

Biographymasters Men Receiving Award

In a well-written biography, you can share your roots, family, friends, teachers, military service–all the key influences that contributed to the success you are today. Maybe there were tough times, perhaps more than you care to recall. But you can pass the lessons on to others so they can learn from your experience.

Your company history can be a timeless record that will inform and bless your friends, associates, and your family. Doesn’t the rest of the world deserve to know what you’ve contributed to your industry, and to them?

Leaders have a lot to say, but most lack the time or inclination to write it down.

More Reasons for a Company Biography

  • biographymasters-woman-receiving-award-2A history of your organization’s genesis, growth, and innovative years.
  • An additional premium for contributors, or a gift for special clients
  • An endearing way to say “thank you” to important leaders and employees.
  • Women entrepreneurs can relate the unique struggles and challenges they encounter in the business world.
  • Articulate your organization’s philosophy, vision, and goals, and maintain continuity as new blood permeates the organization.
  • Provide context and direction for your board members or key decision-makers.
  • Clients will understand your company’s greater role in society.
  • Lend credibility to your service or product.
  • Generate sales or contributions.
  • Document lessons learned or best practices that helped your organization through tough times.
  • To instruct students about to enter the professional world.
  • Tell the real story. The written word will clarify misunderstood events once and for all. It can set the record straight. The axiom is true; “History really does belong to those who write it.”
Our Creative Director’s broad professional background and corporate experience ensures your technical and organizational details will be seamlessly conveyed to your manuscript to make it shine.

Reflecting on your professional life can help you articulate how much you’ve achieved, and the important roles you played in the lives of others.

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