How We Do It

The process in a nutshell…

Whether a personal or corporate biography, right from the start we want to hear what you have in mind for your book. Then we’ll discuss your ideas, ask questions, and make suggestions that will guide you to the best format. Your biography will be written from your recorded interviews and supplemented by our research. If  you like, we can include the genealogical history of your family.

Depending on the scope of the book, you can anticipate between seven and fourteen hours of one-on-one personal interviews. BiographyMasters has developed a simple technique to guide you in your journey of recollection. While you talk, we listen and record. Later, we’ll organize the material into a cohesive flow.

Interviews can be done in person, on the phone, via Skype, or any combination of the above. Your words will be electronically transcribed to our computer program, then revised and edited.

You’ll receive a copy of the first draft of each chapter. Upon your approval we’ll move on to the next recording session and the next chapter.

Can I broaden the scope of my biography?

If you wish, we may conduct supplemental interviews with other people you designate, or research topics to deepen the context of your book. They could be anything from parents, relatives, associates, to the culture and politics of your ancestral country. How about vignettes of your great-grandfather’s farm in Tuscany, your grandmother’s experience on Ellis Island, or that merger that changed the course of your business? All this can provide more texture and color to your story.

The text can be written like a novel while presenting historical facts in a logical flow. Your story can be told in the third person (talking about  you), or the first person where you are doing the talking (“I did this and that”). Either way, our writing technique will involve the reader in an intimate experience as if they were right there with you.

Your biography can include up to 30 photographs at no extra charge, including your photo on the back cover. While we never rush a project, our goal is to complete the entire process in four to six months.

Following is a typical scenario.

Step One: A complimentary two-hour consultation
This is when we begin to get to know each other. We’ll discuss your vision for the book, go over options, schedules, and agree on a course of action. We’ll discuss who will be involved, which point of view, how far back, timelines, your target readers, and anything else you want to say. When all your questions are answered, you can decide if you want to pursue the project or not.  Then we’ll set up a tentative schedule of interviews. You need not worry about how to write a memoir, or how to write a biography. That’s our purpose in life!

Step Two: Interviewing & recording
The interviews are relaxed, enjoyable, and best done in the comfort of your home or office. We’ll record your story and gather any other information intended for the book.

You can anticipate up to fourteen separate interview hours for a full-length biography. Interviews can be conducted over a short period, or stretched over several months. It’s all about what is convenient for your schedule.Throughout the process you will have complete control over what material goes into your book. You can add or delete anything you wish prior to the final edit.

Step Three: Transcribing
Your recorded stories are transferred to our secure computer program. Your information will never be seen by anyone else except you and BiographyMasters until you are ready to release your book.

Step Four: First draft of each chapter into an engaging narrative
This is the part where we roll up our sleeves and write, write, write! We’ll polish the narrative and develop the story with you in the middle of the action. When it’s done, we will have spent literally hundreds of hours writing your biography. That’s what it takes to create a winning book.

Step Five: Revising & proofreading
After you read the final draft of the manuscript and make corrections or deletions, then its back to us. We’ll revise it, proofread it, and conduct a final edit. Only you will give the final approval.

Step Six: Book production
We include complete biography publishing services. When you are happy with the edited manuscript, we’ll consult with you as to the placement of photos, documents, maps–anything you want to include. You’ll select the type of book cover you want (design, material, size, etc.). We’ll discuss your back cover synopsis, dedications, and credits, all the elements of your professional biography.

We’ll guide you through the process of publication from start to finish. Your book will be in your hands in six to ten weeks from the day we submit it to the publisher. We’ll arrange to place it on for soft cover and/or E-book publication if you wish. You may consider an audio publication as well.

About Authorship

You can place your name on the book as the sole author which makes us your “ghost writers.” Or we can be the primary author (“as told to”). Most often, the biographer is a co-author (“with John Smith”). Your choice.

Your Publishing Options

In today’s vastly improved independent publishing market, there are many options from which to choose:

  • Publish a small number of books for your family, friends, associates, clients, or employees.
  • Publish your book on and make the book available to the world.
  • Develop a website for your book to supplement your Amazon site. Then you can sell through PayPal for example, and add your personal autograph.

If you decide to broaden your distribution, we offer complete biography writing services and that includes extensive experience in publishing. Independent publishing costs are very low and to publish a 275-page soft-cover book with a four-color image is surprisingly inexpensive. You don’t have to pre-purchase any books. Your title would be on so you can receive royalties while your book takes on a life of its own.

All these options are yours and are included in our fee.

Call for a complimentary consultation: 904 514-9790, or send your confidential email here