What goes into my biography?

Your biography is a written account of your life or career as told by you through a series of interviews, and supplemented by research if necessary. You can include interviews by key associates, employees, your family, or anyone else. It’s your story and you tell it any way you like. We can also include your genealogical background, as far back as you want to go.

How do I prepare?

You don’t have to do anything prior to our first meeting. But if you’re eager to get started, you could ask associates or family members if there are particular stories they want you to include in the book. You can also begin by jotting down people, places, events, etc. that stand out in your mind. These ideas could become your chapter headings.

Once I decide to go ahead, what happens?

The next step is to meet with your biographer to determine the scope of the project (format, style, number of interview sessions, length of the book). Then we’ll schedule our first interview.

BiographyMasters has a series of questions–prompts if you will–designed to get you going. Or, you can just tell it as you like. We’ll provide guidance to help you outline what you want your biography to say from start to finish. We will help you define and articulate the “feel” of  your book.

Where are interviews conducted?

Wherever you feel comfortable. Your home or office is usually the best, but anywhere is good as long as it is quiet and you won’t be distracted.

Can interviews be done on the telephone?

Certainly. Sometimes distance or your busy schedule precludes face-to-face meetings. If so, we can use the phone, or Skype. Bear in mind that the true “voice” of the subject—you—will come out best during at least a few personal interviews. That way we can more accurately reflect the thoughts and memories of your life.

What are the marks of a good biographer?

He/she will have the following attributes:

  • A good listener
  • Professional
  • Reliable
  • Efficient
  • Confidential
  • Non-Judgmental
  • Flexible
  • Creative
  • Cost-effective
  • An excellent reputation

All of the above are important, but confidentiality with a non-judgmental approach are paramount. BiographyMasters can provide you with written personal or business references if you wish.

How long will the process take?

A typical book project will take from four to eight months, depending on the frequency of the interviews and the size of the book.

Can I publish my book?

Yes. It takes between four and six weeks between final draft and publication. It can be included in our service.

What if I want to sell my book commercially?

You own the copyright, so you are free to market and sell your book commercially. When your book is complete, you can take it to market. BiographyMasters is experienced with marketing and sales, so we can help.

Can I be sure I won’t violate someone’s privacy if I include them in my  book?

BiographyMasters will always advise you if what you say or how you say it might violate someone’s privacy. If there is any doubt, the safest way is to obtain written permission before the book goes to print.

Can I publish in an E-book format as well as print?

BiographyMasters can arrange for E-book and soft/hardcover print version. You may want to consider an audio version of your book as well.

What if I want to stop the whole process?

You can stop at any time, for any reason. You only need to be paid-up for the most recent chapters. You can pick it up again if you change your mind.

We hope the above will answer your question, “should I hire a writer?” If not, please contact us HERE with your further questions.

If you don’t write your story, history will pass you by.

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