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Are you a Boomer? Older? Younger? Regardless of your age, your perspectives on life and events are wholly unique. Have you grown a successful business or enterprise? Visit the Corporate Biographies page and find out how you can have your professional life lessons recorded for posterity.

Have you ever asked yourself, "how can I write my autobiography, or my life story?" Have you lived a life which, if professionally recorded, will have a lasting impact on your children, family, friends, even future generations? Visit the Personal Biographies/Memoirs page and find out how easy it is to transform those memories into a professional, published book.  


Because you are an eyewitness to history as it unfolded. You were in the middle of events that shaped our present society, and your story matters. If you lived through the Great Depression, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, 9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan, events in the Middle-East, or the Great Recession, your written account will promote greater understanding and place you as a credible source of information.

Reflecting on your life or business in a biography helps you describe all  you've learned and achieved. It can also inspire others along their own path of life.   

                                                                                                              Ken Overman with Buck Jacobs at his signing

BiographyMasters will record your history, thoughts, ideas, dreams, and inspirations in an attractive, professional book you will be proud of. Traditional "ink-on-paper" book, or an E-book? BiographyMasters can provide both. Either way, those who read your biography will learn from your life, your business, and your experiences. A biography can also help you establish the true account of events which may have been obscured by lack of accurate information or adverse press. It can be an opportunity to set the record straight, to clear up misconceptions that might have blighted you or someone close to you. It is true after all--written accounts of lives and events will shape the opinions of those who read it.

We are efficient, flexible, cost-effective, and reliable. So if you seek a freelance biography writer, a professional biography writer, a professional ghost writer, or need  help writing your memoir, BiographyMasters is ready to record your life and work for posterity.

To learn more, visit the other pages in this site. Start with How We Do It and then go to FAQs. And be sure to meet the Creative Director. 

Our Policy

BiographyMasters' promise: We will deliver excellent, cost-effective biographical services for the complete satisfaction of our clients. We are not a writing factory, so we will not out-source the interviewing or the writing process which could harm your confidentiality or dilute the essence of your story. 

We're not a "writing factory" -- we won't outsource your story to third-party writers.

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                            Fields of Green          The Howard Long Story


                and ...Regal Marine Industries       The Story of Founder, Paul Kuck

                                             Recently  Published                            

        Bucking the Trend - The story of Buck Autrey and Miller Electric Company 

"Ken; I have just finished reading the first edition of my memoirs, "Bucking the Trend," and I have to say it was a great read! You have arranged it in such a way as to follow the sequence of events in my career perfectly.  I really enjoyed working with you, and especially during the recording sessions. You have a unique ability to ask the right questions that helps prod the old memory. You also wrote a very nice introduction for the book. Finally, I must say the whole experience of working with you on this book has been an exciting and pleasing venture into my past. Thank you very much."

Sincerely, Buck Autrey

                   I, Radical - God's Radical Business Through An Ordinary Man

"Six months ago, Ken contacted me about writing my biography. At the time, I had envisioned a rather simple presentation of my life as a lesson for my grandkids, but the Lord had other plans. At the strong recommendation of a close friend, I chose Ken Overman as the author who would help me publish my book—not just for my immediate family, but also for existing and potential members of The C12 Group ... and beyond. Ken brought insight, imagination, writing, storytelling, and organization skills to match my own creative visions for the book. I couldn’t be more pleased. He was able to take what I had already written, add more of my memories and thoughts, and bring them to life.  I would strongly recommend Ken for anyone considering writing his or her own biography. His “soup-to-nuts” writing and publishing services far exceeded my expectations."

                                                                          Buck Jacobs, Founder and President of The C12 Group LLC

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        Out of the Woodwork The biography of Wendell Nordby

"It took me a while to decide to commission Ken Overman as my biographer. I hesitated because although I knew God told me to write, it definitely wasn’t one of my skills. But when I pulled the trigger and Ken got to work, I was extremely pleased. In the following months, my story was transformed into Out of the Woodwork, a book encouraging men to follow the calling of God in their life. I’m amazed at how Ken took my words and wove them into an exciting, coherent account of what God did through my own life, business, and many others. Today I proudly distribute my book through our worldwide network of Businessman’s Fellowship, other professional associates, and of course my family. To have an enduring account to pass on to a new generation is a valuable gift indeed! I would recommend anyone considering a book about their life, or their organization, to consider Ken Overman as their personal biographer.


                                                Wendell Nordby

                                                Chairman, Nordby Construction

                                                Founding member, Businessman’s Fellowship International

  Expressions & Truisms - Enduring Thoughts Through the Ages





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